Thursday, May 24, 2012

Six Unusual Tips To Get Six Pack Abs

There is nothing quick or magical about getting a six pack. Getting ripped abs can be long and tedious. It takes time, hard work, and dedication. By making the right decisions each day, you can get a six pack. However, if you frequently cheat like most people, then you will never see your abs. Follow these six tips to get a six pack.
Your body requires water! You need to start your day by hydrating. Researchers found that drinking 16 ounces of cold water first thing in the morning boosts metabolism by 24 percent for 90 minutes afterward. Drink at least a gallon of water over the course of a day for hydration, health, and to keep your metabolism burning.
Don't skip breakfast. A study found that people who skip breakfast are 4.5 x more likely to be overweight. So make sure you eat within an hour after waking up. I like to eat 3 hardboiled eggs and an apple to get my metabolism going first thing in the morning.
Review your goals at least once each month. It's important that you stay aware of your goals and that you are taking the appropriate actions to achieve them. Scientists found that people who monitored their diet and exercise goals were much more likely to progress their fitness level.
Bring your lunch with you to work. I have a whole compartment of my bag that is devoted to protein filled snacks. Success starts at the grocery store and buying the right healthy snacks. Some of my favorite healthy snacks are tuna pouches, protein bars, peanut bags, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and deli meats. By eating five times per day, you'll keep your body well fed and satisfied throughout the day without overeating. You will also have the necessary fuel needed for your workout. Equally important is a reduction in sugar cravings from keeping your insulin level stable throughout the day.
It's easy to forget that everyone has abs. The problem is that most people have too much fat on top to ever see them underneath. So instead of focusing on doing a billion crunches, you should focus on burning fat during your workouts. Some of the best ways to burn fat in a short amount of time are sprint interval training, 45-60 minutes of moderate intensity cardio, and high intensity interval training workouts. Mixing up your routine is crucial for continued results.
Getting a six pack requires sleep. That's because lack of sleep disrupts the hormones that control your fat burning ability. Scientists recently found that lack of sleep can cause your muscle cells to become resistant to the hormone insulin. This will eventually lead to fat and weight gain.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hearing Test: Do You Need One?

Not everyone necessarily needs a hearing test, but some people would benefit from it. If you are not sure if you do, you can always ask your doctor, or just get one anyway. There are also some warning signs that you should get one.
One of the signs that you should schedule a hearing test is when your ears hurt for no apparent reason. If you cannot figure out why, you should try to have them looked at by a professional. You may have a simple ear infection, or there may be a larger issue behind the pain. A professional can take a look and find out if the problem has compromised your ability to hear. If not, he or she might be able to diagnose the issue, or at least refer you to a doctor who can treat you. If your ability to hear has in fact been reduced, the professional you see might be able to diagnose the issue and get you the equipment or treatment you need to hear better.
Another sign that you need a hearing test is that you have noticed you cannot hear as well as before. If other people can hear things that you cannot, you need to find out the problem. It can usually be fixed with some treatment, or at least with the proper device for your ears. An exam can let you know how severe the problem is, which can guide the practitioners in getting the treatment you need. This is important since it can be dangerous and uncomfortable to continue on without addressing your decreased ability to hear.
In addition, you should get a hearing test if you have had ear problems in the past. If you are known for medical issues with ears, including partial deafness that seems to have gotten worse, or frequent ear infections, you should get an exam. The same goes if you are older, since you tend to lose your ability to hear easily as you age. You may need either treatment or devices for your ears in order to hear as well as you used to.
After your hearing test, the staff at the clinic you choose will likely tell you your options. You will likely be shown any devices that can help, or given a referral to a doctor who can treat you. No matter what the treatment ends up being, you deserve to get an accurate diagnosis quickly so you can start to hear better soon.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Compliments to Botox Injections

There is a lot of talk about how effective Botox injections are for a variety of uses all over the body for a wide range of patients. Most patients, whether they are male or female, turn to this injectable solution for the effect it has on wrinkles throughout the common culprit sections of the face. But when it comes to the long-term impact of the benefits from the solution, patients are turning to complimentary treatments and procedures in order to reap the full benefits of the momentarily relaxed muscles. Within three to four monthr of the initial treatment, the smoothed skin is ripe for resurfacing and deep moisturizing. The relaxed muscles allow the relaxed skin to absorb topical treatments a lot better. This gets a lot of patients back in to their cosmetic specialist's and dermatologist's offices in order to use this opportunity to make changes that can last beyond the three to four months of the Botox injections.
Many men and women opt for non-surgical compliments and at-home treatments in order to get the most out of their Botox injections. After all, the solution's effect is only to relax the muscles that facilitate the repetitive movements that cause wrinkles in aging and dehydrated skin. Because it is diluted for safety and applied in small amounts in strategic zones, its effects will not last forever. So, one of the most significant compliments to this procedure is the chemical peel. Whether the patient chooses microdermabrasion or hyaluronic acid (chemical) peel, in office, these treatments have been shown to have a transformative effect on the appearance of fine to medium lines, as well as age spots and scarring. So when the injections do begin to wear off, it would appear that time has stood still, if not actually reversed with regard to the skin on the patient's face.
He or she can also opt for at-home topical treatments that are either prescribed by their dermatologist or cosmetic specialist, or purchased from a trusted cosmetic company. These products include the alpha hydroxyl and other chemical and antioxidant rich elements that absorb into the smooth skin either during the day, or in a night cream to create lasting support to the freshly youthful appearance of the face.
The effects of Botox, like any other beauty regime, have been shown to improve with consistent repetition in regular intervals. But the more you utilize compliments to your beauty regime, the better the results will be within your skin for years to come.